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This is where credit card debt consolidation comes in handy, because you rein in those high payments and simplify them into one low payment instead.So here is everything you need to know about this essential financial tool…Credit card debt consolidation is the process of combining multiple debts into one payment.With that in mind, you have to have the discipline not to start spending before you’re done eliminating.Note that this isn’t an issue when you consolidate with a debt management program, because your accounts are actually frozen when they’re enrolled.But this doesn’t mean that you’re out of the woods with your debt load – you still have just as much debt to pay off.So if you start spending on your credit cards before the consolidated debt is paid off in full, you’re actually making your situation worse instead of better.

The agency will help you arrange a budget, but you still have to learn to accept living credit-free.

Unlike other debts that have fixed payments you can plan ahead for in your budget, the monthly bills on your credit cards vary depending on how much you owe.

Fact: All credit cards are considered revolving debt – i.e. This may mean you have to pay the whole balance off every month (like what you see with an Am Ex card) or that you pay a percentage of balance plus added interest (like what you see with most Visa and Master Card accounts).

Ideally, you want the interest to be even less than that. Debt management program Reveal Answer Tip: Since your home was purchased with an FHA loan, it’s unlikely you have the equity necessary to use a home equity loan.

If the interest rate is any higher, you won’t get the benefits you need to reduce your debt quickly. With 650 credit, it’s also unlikely you can qualify for the low interest you need on the other two options.d.