Christian dating joke

You can admit it, if single, your singleness can gnaw through even your most content moments with the lure that even those would be better with someone to share them with.

How could you not when every song, television show, movie, book, conversation, and even sermon seems to dwell extensively on finding your soulmate.

This subtle subversion has forced me to spend a lot of time wrestling with the counterfeit motivation that comes from our own desire for marriage within a Christian sub-culture.

It is easy to think you are trying to be more Christ like, when in reality you are merely becoming more culturally “christian.” That is to say, conforming to the culture’s standards of what it means to be desirable and “datable” is not the same thing as dying to self so that you can image forth Christ and His Kingdom.

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Our driving force is often not truly conformity to Christ but to our own personal ideal of what a “most eligible Christian” looks like.Each of us are either just making it up as we go along or holding onto personal boundaries and norms that no one else even knows/cares about.For something we seem to be obsessed with perpetuating it’s all yet another Christian adventure in missing the point.It should be no surprise that we professing Christians are often the most hopelessly romantic. However, a case could be made that we have exalted marriage and family over the Church (by Church I mean the localized body of Christ, not the business of modern church operations). We have created a generation of “marriage seekers” who are constantly assured that there is no greater pursuit that that of finding a mate and no greater accomplishment than marriage.We are deeply in love with the ideas of love and marriage. Ask pastors and they will tell you the order goes: God, Family, Church. Likewise, the chief priority of most single men and women is clearly that of finding a romantic relationship to call their own.