Sharepoint 2016 itemupdating afterproperties

Beginning with the November 2016 Public Update for Share Point Server 2016 (Feature Pack 1), we're taking what we learn as we improve Office 365 and bringing it to Share Point Server.

Here's an overview of some of what's new and improved with Share Point Server 2016.

Also, you can now open pictures and videos in the One Drive experience, and use arrow keys to preview all supported files in a folder.

It’s a great way to quickly go through all the photos in a folder.

New Sharing dialog box You can create and share a folder as you create it from the new Sharing dialog box.See Share ideas, sites, and content for more info on sharing.For a good overview of document libraries, see Introduction to libraries Multi-file upload, better drag/drop You can upload multiple files from the Upload command in a document library.A pinned site shows at the top of the list of sites that you're following.Share Point Server 2016 has the following enhanced sharing experiences: Simple and natural site sharing Just click the Share button at the top right corner of any page, enter the names of people you want to share with, and press Enter. The people you just shared with will get an email invitation with a link to the site.