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Bumbu Desa Franchise Business Opportunity BUMBU DESA brings authentic Indonesian Sundanese and Padang cuisine to Malaysian shores to till that untapped market opportunity.

They believe there are three simple key elements to achieving a successful…

Ba Sheng Zai Huo Guo Franchise Business Opportunity Ba Sheng Zai Huo Guo aims to become the leading steamboat restaurant chain throughout Malaysia.

They are building a brand reputation of quality food and excellent customer service in the…

In addition, older franchise brands have introduced environmentally-friendly products and services to comply with not only rules and regulations, but consumers’ wishes. There are several different ways to get involved in the cleaning franchise industry.

Specialization areas in the industry, of which a franchise may be involved in one or more, include: maid services, janitorial services, carpet/upholstery cleaning, dry cleaning/fabric care, disaster restoration/cleanup, and junk removal. A cleaning franchise offers several advantages over independent operation because of brand recognition; proven systems and success record; and marketing support.

Ayam Bakar Mas Mono Franchise Business Opportunity Ayam Bakar Mas Mono is the brainchild of Bapak Agus Pramono (Mas Mono) in 2001.

After acquiring an empty space in front of the Sahid University, Mas Mono decided to…

Ani Sup Utara Franchise Business Opportunity Ani Sup Utara was registered in 2005 and started with a small restaurant.BBQ Chicken Franchise Business Opportunity Originated from Korea in September 1995, bbq Chicken has grown to become the No. With its aggressive expansion plan, not only has the brand advanced…Beano Beano was established with the founder’s vision to serve quality and nutritious soy products (drinks and desserts) to the masses.The company’s vision, that is to become amongst the best food and beverage industry and Halal technology…Arjuna Village “Bringing back traditional cuisine to town”.