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RATers have co-opted this software to hijack women's systems without their knowledge. Slipping past the three pages of pervertedness (which again, I recommend reading at length), one gets to a truly troubling aspect of hacking (or any sort of innovation for that matter): the law of unintended consequences.Perverts have obviously repurposed this software — meant originally to fix computers — to watch unsuspecting people.Presumably, there's nothing stopping embattled dictators, say during the Arab spring, from doing the same thing in order to surveil leaders of rebel groups.This is exactly what Malwarebytes, a computer security company, found after analyzing all the things that popular RAT Dark Comet was capable of.If you're looking for a great HD webcam, check out the Logitech C920.Today's podcasting photo is made possible by Host Gator affiliate.

It's a full 1080p webcam with autofocus and a decent built-in mic.

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