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When Michael and I arrived, she put the chain on the inside of the door and peeped through the crack.

She let me in but demanded that Michael wait in the lobby. “In ze udder room.” I must “svear” not go to a doctor or a hospital.

I’d heard that after twelve weeks the procedure became extremely dangerous.

So I had four weeks left to borrow money, find a way to do it, and get it done. There might be a place in the Santurce district of San Juan, Puerto Rico called The Women’s Hospital that would give an abortion. Emily Perl knew someone who knew someone who knew someone who had been taken care of by a woman in an apartment on West 86th Street.

In 1962, I was nineteen, working in my first job, living in my first apartment, having sex with my first real boyfriend.

Michael was a tall, thick-haired Italian from the Bronx.

when E L James, author of Fifty Shades of Grey, announced the release of her collection of bondage, sex toys, and accessories but we were definitely intrigued.

As I started to pull myself together to leave, a tiny brown man in the green uniform of an orderly approached me, skittish, surreptitious. At the top stood a second man, dressed in white pants and an undershirt. Writer’s Recommendations: To continue to visit New York before second wave feminism, read Joyce Johnson’s memoir .

Sheldon is in love with how comfortable Penny's new chair is, until he finds out that it is a used chair that she found discarded on the street.

A freaked out Sheldon is certain that he has contracted some nasty bug from sitting in the chair, and does whatever he can to make Penny get rid of it. Something else may make Penny think twice about keeping the chair.

With Priya having moved back to India, she and Leonard decide to try having a long distance relationship, which includes Skyping each other on a regular basis.

Howard suggests that they take that communication one step further by having high speed on-line sex with each other.