Local sex ad

Since then, the governor has used a fast but individualized approach to restore rights to 156,000 felons — a process that passed muster with the high court.

Charges say he placed an ad on Craigslist "offering shelter to teen girls." An undercover St.

“This is a page right out of Donald Trump’s playbook. Ed knows that and should be ashamed.” Coming two weeks before Election Day, the ad doubles down on the law-and-order theme that Gillespie’s campaign thinks will play well with suburban swing voters as well as conservatives who voted for Trump last year.

For weeks, Gillespie has aired ads that seek to blame Northam for the rise of the MS-13 street gang.

Critics, including former president Barack Obama at a Northam rally in Richmond last week, have called the ad an attempt at fearmongering.

The GOP won, with the court ruling that the governor had exceeded his clemency powers because he restored rights en masse instead of individually.There is something wrong with the system, we need to change the system,” York said.He talked of offenders getting out after a couple years, re-offending and ruining families and our future.During an afternoon news conference he said, “It is out there, there is a lot of it out there happening right down the street from probably where you live, and people don’t know about it.”He called for stricter penalties for offenders and expressed his displeasure with society and the system.“That’s sick.We in society need to start doing something about this.