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Counter to him is career-oriented Lisa Miller (Maura Tierney, "ER"), who stands largely as love interest and sometimes competitive rival.Though they have some quirks and secret pasts, Dave and Lisa seem quite normal compared to their co-workers.This is a show that sticks with you, whose personalities imprint themselves on your memory.

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The general motif is we're meant to sympathize with Dave in his trials as boss.If it didn't rank among the channel's biggest successes, it survived for five seasons, an achievement to be sure."News Radio" is chiefly set at WNYX, a fictional AM radio station located in the heart of Manhattan.With such a diverting starring cast keeping us entertained, it's easy to forget that "News Radio" had some notable guest stars, some of whom have subsequently grown even more notable.Among those playing one-shot characters were Ben Stiller as a peppy gym assistant, John Ritter as a beloved therapist, Jon Stewart as Matthew's "twin brother", Norm Macdonald as Jimmy's lawyer, and Janeane Garofalo as Dave's ex.