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(He ruined Christmas Dinner last year when he looked at my mother-in-law and shouted, “You do be the bulb off-a my Nana Bridie”.) To make matters worse, he put in the will that his ashes should be scattered, by his children, up in Fair Hill. I asked my Posh Cousin where would be a good place to visit. I said no, we want Duncan to feel like he has left the UK. At this point the phone rang, someone called Arlene Foster. (And that’s if you can manage vacant possession.) Do you know where the G. The old doll has her Christmas work party on Monday, and suggested that she should be allowed to do the business if she wants, and I can do the same at my party next week, one night only like. I think the most important thing is that both of you understand what’s meant by ‘scoring’.(Apparently it’s an actual place.) Do you know if his final request is legally binding, or can I just flush him down the toilet? This must be a terrible time for you, fending off questions about whether or not your father left you any money. I won’t tell anyone.) Anyway I referred your question to my solicitor friend. Myself and the good wife won a trip to Cork at our local Democratic Unionist Party Christmas Raffle. That’s my idea of a joke, so it is.) Nay, as you can imagine, we’re a wee bit nervous about paying a visit to the homeland of Michael Collins and all that there. She said, absolutely not, that would be totally unacceptable to any member of the Unionist community. That’s a bit of a balls for me, because I work with six lads in a garage, but we might get invited to a party where I could lob the gob. I had a similar arrangement with My Conor when we first started going out.She put me into the prom dress she’d worn at her old school, where she’d been dating a senior — , squeezed my hand. My late father went a bit daft in his final year and got it into his head that he was from the northside. Myself and Hoggy did a quick back-of-a-beer mat (Heineken) calculation, and concluded that the whole northside is worth 3 million, tops. C’mere what’s the story with a one-night scoring pass.(Although, to be fair, probably a lot of them too.) I mean the working guys.The junior bond traders and equity research assistants. 15, 1984: Prince Harry is born to Prince Charles, the heir to the throne, and Princess Diana, who died in 1997. One week later, Harry and William walk behind her cortege at her funeral, televised live throughout the world.Her serves in the British Armed Forces for 10 years, including two operational assignments to Afghanistan.

In 1989, Billy Joel filed a million law suit against his former manager—who was also his former brother-in-law.

He takes on more royal duties and becomes involved with more charities. 8, 2016: In a statement, Prince Harry confirms Meghan Markle is his girlfriend and bitterly condemns press coverage of her.

He says he fears for her safety and says press coverage crossed the line and used "racial undertones" in its stories.

he said, made a slashing motion across his throat with one hand.

From Mona’s house, we could see the lights at the carnival were still out. Mona had fingers like spiders, crawled them over my shoulders.