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Here are a few names to fill in Ralph's blanks: Bill Katsones, Duck, Ski (Lipinski), Bob Mc Coy. Licciardi, A1C E4 USAF, Det 1, 45th Tac Recon Squadron (PACAF)I was at Tan Son Nhut for over a two year period, from 1964 to Dec 14, 1966 and I took my separation in Viet Nam and flew to Tokyo where I attended Sophia University for four years on the GI Bill.Thanks Bill Name: Bob Licciardi, Dec 10, 2001 URL: Comments: Great Web Site! I was in Det 1, 45th Tac Recon Squadron (PACAF) and was an Aircraft Mechanic.After a great dinner and a lot of dancing in Saigon, her girlfriend had to get home and she lived in the rice paddies just outside Saigon.The cab stopped on a dirt road and Chi (her name) wanted to go to the farm house to say goodnite to her parents, I wanted to go, but she wouldn't let me, so I waited in the cab with the driver.

I was later reassigned to the 69th Consolidated Military Support Squadron (MACV), working out of a house at 181 Tru Minh ky, Saigon. Often wonder how the maintenance guys kept the books straight.

Any old ABLE MABLE blokes who might be willing to help, please do.

Good on yer, mates Dan Grace A1C45th TRS Det TSN 1965Darwin, Australia Comments: I was a navy radio/TV broadcast engineer flying NC-121J Blue Eagle aircraft assigned to Project Jenny/VXN-8 Detachment Western Pacific at Tan Son Nhut.

He pulled the keys out of the ignition and jumped out of the cab and headed straight to the building ...

my heart beat was racing and addrenalin pumping sensing the danger I was in and looked around entertaining a ridiculous thought of grabbing my clothes and climbing one of the trees to hide in hoping they wouldn't look up when "they" came back out.