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A friendship developed between the two and after dating for some months, Paula accepted Randy’s proposal of marriage and married him in 1999.While Randy and Paula didn’t have any kids together, she was a step mother to Randy’s three kids from his previous marriage, Kristen Renee, Angie, and Brandon and of course, she was mother to her own son from her previous marriage, Bradley.With so many crises happening around them, the couple struggled with their marriage.According to Randy, the main reason behind the cracks in their marriage was his belief that success and fame can’t coexist with love in the same house; the two were leading their lives separately and not together and he felt disconnected with her."But since these comments pose a potential distraction to an otherwise celebratory and historic time in our country, I would like to set the record straight in the hope of returning our collective attention to what's most important." In a Thursday appearance on CNN's "Out Front," White called the wave of criticism "amazing" and said there was "absolute absurdity" to a lot of the accusations facing her.She reiterated the claims she made in her statement and blasted those who called her faith into question, particularly over her divorce."God knew everything I would go through before I ever went through it," White told CNN's Erin Burnett.

But, things turned south and life slowly started a downward spiral.

In 1984, she became drawn to the gospel and church and turned Christian; she divorced Dean, soon thereafter.

In 1989, she met Randy White who was an evangelist of the Church of God. Paula and Randy first met in church where he was volunteering as a janitor.

Senior Pastor Paula White has been in the thick of a series of storms that have battered her since she and her husband, Randy White divorced in 2007 and even before.

The only positive that she could take from all turmoil is that she emerged much stronger than before.