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In other words, the sun brings life instead of death to our planet simply because its raging heat (15.6 million kelvins at her core) is kept at a safe distance by a loving Creator. Our world is reeling from the effects of uncontrolled passion, with AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases in its train.

Beyond bodily maladies, there are incalculable losses on a psychological and spiritual level as human beings live outside the protection of God’s design.

It isn’t about sex because this article is about dating.

This is a Christian magazine, read (mostly) by Christians who (mostly) agree that sex outside of marriage is a really bad idea.

Looking back, I wish we had allowed ourselves to “fall in love” a little more.

We were probably overregimented and cautious, but the longevity and happiness of our marriage hasn’t been compromised by our quiet beginnings.

Sex is God’s gift, and thoughtful Christians know that. Moderate sexual expression, particularly in a stable relationship, has been correlated with health benefits, including better sleep and less depression, better cardio health, and even pain relief!

Marriage Matters A good Seventh-day Adventist program is Marriage Matters by Harvey and Kathy Corwin.

Even some “Christian dating,” which allows for emotional and physical involvement but stops short of sexual intercourse, is incendiary business. ” As a woman, a mother, and a mental health researcher, I can’t help noting how naive that attitude is.

“Can a man take fire in his bosom and his clothes not be burned? It’s naive because research shows that the vast majority of Christian young people who take abstinence pledges break into the late 20s and 30s has put young adults in the position of needing to restrain their urges for longer and longer periods of time. One step toward compromise can create an almost irresistible momentum.

But when we muse on the mystical, marvelous dance that begins with locked eyes across a room and ends up with the physical act, things get a whole lot more complicated.

The mess of romance has been handled through two main institutions: dating and courtship.