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'I don't want to waste any opportunity to show Sophie who I am.I definitely consider myself romantic,' Jarrod said as he feverishly constructed his chart.Meanwhile, James told the cameras: 'Biggest part of my personality is ambition.For me that represents passion, drive and just wanting to be the best version of yourself.'When it came time to compare the charts to one created by Sophie, the actress admitted she wasn't used to dating someone with a personality similar to her own.'I woke up this morning still in shock from the rose ceremony.I could have said one thing wrong and that would have sent me home,' Blake confessed.

In round one of the challenge, the men were asked to create a pie chart that reflected elements of their personality.After failing to receive a rose James seemed visually distraught, hugging his fellow contestants while hiding his face from view.Scroll down for video 'But Soph obviously wasn't feeling the same,' his voice could be heard as he bid farewell to Sophie.He was tipped as a firm front-runner in the race to winning The Bachelorette's Sophie Monk's heart.So it came as a shock to everyone when accountant James Trethewie was eliminated before home-town visits on Wednesday night's episode.