Sextexting sites updating database using servlet

but he makes sure to bring it up anytime I ever see him.” WHEN SEXTING BUILDS INTIMACY Many experts say that sexting isn’t all bad.In fact, they say it can actually be positive for adult intimacy, depending on the situation.Author Penelope Trunk, 40, blogged for The Daily Beast about the joys of sexting in a casual, long-distance relationship in June 2011: We texted all the time.This created many moral dilemmas, such as, can I text about a blow job while I'm eating Mc Flurries with my kids. Do not tell me that sending naked photos of myself is dangerous.

A 22-year-old writer, Emily*, told The Huffington Post via email that she engaged in a casual texting relationship with an acquaintance two years ago that took a turn toward the inappropriate: One day, my phone buzzed and there it was. “He thought it was hilarious and didn’t really care …

The survey looked specifically at "sexually suggestive nude or nearly nude images" sent via text message.

The resulting statistics -- although limited since they only refer to sexts containing photos -- give us a good jumping off point with which to understand how many adults are taking part in this sort of behavior.

Experts say the bottom line is that many adults are sexting to express themselves sexually -- but must be careful in the ways they use it.

"The act itself is neutral, what matters is how it's used," Allen says.