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When they return, Indigo is ready and waiting for the twosome as they're lured into a battle, with J'onn almost gaining the upper hand.

By continuing to use our service, you agree to our use of cookies. She then turns to the image of Alura, who explains that Myriad was a mind-control system Astra and Non were arrested for trying to use against the people of Krypton; Kara learns from Alura that once Myriad is in effect it can't be stopped.Back in National City, Kara is noticing everyone, even Winn and James, are now under the Myriad effect and watching Kryptonian codes on the screen, General Lane has placed the entire city under quarantine, but Kara informs him that she will help save his daughter.Last Summer, the actor made headlines for his shirtless appearance in the WWE ring, but meanwhile, his Instagrams show off a softer side.Check out why Arrow is TV's sexiest show and reasons to follow Stephen on Instagram, then keep reading to see some of his sweetest moments with his family.