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He was accused of rape by a 19-year-old hotel employee.Details of the night covered various media outlets.He was treated for the disease at clinics under the name "Ron Mexico." Eventually, the case was settled out of court. Seventeen Vikings, led by Fred Smoot, rented two boats and hired multiple prostitutes for a night of debaucherous proportions. Photos, lewd acts, and other remnants of the night gave authorities all the evidence they needed.Kobe Bryant Though he's revered now as the star of the Los Angeles Lakers, it's hard for many fans to forget Kobe Bryant's headlines in 2003.

Michael Vick We all know Vick was a d*ck for running a dog fighting ring. In early 2005, a former girlfriend of the football star accused him of knowingly transmitting genital herpes. Fred Smoot If you really want to know how athletes party when they get a week off, just ask the 2005 Vikings team.This week hackers released dozens of more celebrity nudes, including Tiger Woodsand his ex, Lindsay Vonn, as well as Miley Cyrus and Kristen Stewart.For her part, Vonn quickly released a statement calling the hacking “despicable.” “Lindsey will take all necessary and appropriate legal action to protect and enforce her rights and interests,” reads a statement Vonn released to Variety.And now, check out the 10 Recent Times Celebrities Have Hooked Up with Normals.Certainly, Tiger Woods' checkered past hasn't left your mind.