Adult fantasy chat

What we saw amazed us: there were huge differences in completion rates, even among best sellers. Imagine if the authors, editors and publishers had access to this data before they published these books.

They could have used it to make the books more engaging.

We focused on mobile reading only, and we limited our test to the first five minutes of each book, to align with typical mobile session lengths.

We sent 15,000 readers to our test, using Facebook ads, and we looked at the results.

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I’m a tech entrepreneur, so it’s not surprising I chose this theme.

Recently, I had the pleasure of recording a radio interview with Linda Thompson on The Authors Show about my novel, IN THE SHADOW OF THE DRAGON KING.

I had a lot of fun, and surprisingly, I really didn't mess up that much.

The way we consume content is changing dramatically, especially in younger generations. Storytelling is fundamental to humans; some believe it is the essence of humanity. And so it was, a year after we left on our nomad adventure, that my husband and I returned to Silicon Valley and founded a new company, with the goal of redefining fiction for the Snapchat generation.

For example, a majority of young adult novels are being read digitally now in the U. But the way that books are created hasn’t changed in centuries. We managed to convince a few of our previous investors to take a chance on our crazy idea, and we got to work.