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It’s more automatic that you do this with your own generation, but I try to reach out to other generations, ask questions of older, more experienced artists and pass information to younger ones when I’m teaching.” 7.You Need Something to Sell to Make a Living as an Artist Concepts and performances are all well and good, but to make a proper living, and become the object of desire for collectors, you need something to sell.Performance has completely different rules, video has its own rules.You have to spend years in a relationship with a creative process. This means getting up, facing a white canvas, and just starting from scratch.Whatever You’re Shtick is, Paint, Draw, Sculpt “You need a basic discipline.I always say that I’m a painter and I’ll never cease to be a painter. Which doesn’t mean that I’m thinking about a performance and applying knowledge gained from painting.

Rockstar Attraction does not seek or promise much more than that.Just in case we weren’t sure of his bona fides, his New York performance featured an appearance from the legendary godfather of performance art, Ulay.This is like a young crooner firing up a track with Frank Sinatra.Born in Slovenia, trained in Venice, with studios in New York and Ljubljana, if he were to turn into a superhero we might well call him Mr.Frieze, after his Atlantic-spanning tandem of appearances this year at Frieze New York in May and now, October 8, at Frieze London.