Scary intimidating songs

And while our grandmothers would still like to see us as the innocent, little 7-year-olds we once were, our Myspace-era emo identities grew into far more than “just a phase.” So we’ve teamed up to assemble 18 tracks guaranteed to scare the oversized undies off grannies everywhere.

' Waiting for Tonight,' remember that song? The duo met in the studio for an eight-hour session that, according to Stefani, found him leading her through the recording, vocal part by vocal part."I went in the booth and I did not come out for, like, eight hours...Rammstein are named after an air disaster, are enormous fans of on-stage pyrotechnics and came to international prominence with the hellish sounding Du Hast in 1997.A mixture of intentionally unsettling performance art, harsh German vocals and a sound that blends metal with industrial soundscapes, Rammstein will haunt your dreams.Black Sabbath’s Prince Of Darkness has been able to proudly boast of being Birmingham’s scariest rock star since at least the early ‘70s.From biting the heads off various flying animals (doves, bats, he’s not fussy) to doing his bit to further the evil that is reality TV, he’s certainly done his fair share of the devil’s work.