Javascript not validating w3c

A tool is provided by the W3C to test websites and can be found this link: The following are just some of those ill-effects: Additionally, websites that are coded to standards last longer and are “future-proofed” for the most part against browser updates and the like.

If your code is bad, the chances of your website breaking as browsers update is greater than if the code validated.

Cons: Depends on the legacy validator, can’t use the Nu Validator directly.

The output is limited and messy as it uses the Java Script console.

javascript not validating w3c-15

It can also get a bit messy as the output is mixed with other JS warnings and logs you might have in your JS console.

Well the programming languages we use all have their own grammar, vocabulary and syntax just like a spoken language and that means that it can be written wrong if it does not follow the rules.

When we say we write “W3C valid code” or that “our websites pass W3C validation”, we are saying that the code we write and websites we build will pass W3C validation tests without errors because our syntax and “grammar” is correct.

Your trying to validate HTML that doesn't exist yet.

Vue, and Java Script in general, doesn't render anything until the scripts run.