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If a TIMESTAMP is converted to a TIME, the DATE component is silently truncated.The Hotel Gran Derby offers a 180 m² conference hall with a capacity of up to 100 people in theatre distribution.With his back to goal Ayité somehow diverted a header which looked destined for the bottom corner, only to be denied by a dine save by Scott Carson. After an attempted through ball fell to Rui Fonte in the opposition half the Portuguese striker was positive as he looked to run at the Rams back line.He was bundled over by two defenders and Fulham had a free kick in range for Norwood.He stepped up and struck a fierce effort into the wall which grazed a hand in the process.Take two for the midfielder who had been a bright spark in the centre of the park.A numeric type can be converted to any other numeric type.

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The Northern Irishman swung in a teasing ball which beat the Derby back line.

The first column on the table lists the source types, while the first row lists the target types.

A "Y" indicates that the source to the target is a valid conversion.

The BLOB type is more limited and requires explicit casting.

In most cases the BLOB type cannot be casted to and from other types.