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He also appealed unsuccessfully against conviction, including claiming the undercover video of him semi-naked broke his expectation of privacy. Theresa Dao, who was with him on the ill-fated flight, has stood by him.She first alerted the medical authorities about her suspicions of her husband’s involvement with a patient.Dr David Dao had a past of illicit gay sex with a patient in return for giving, and tested positive for drugs, official documents reveal.The medic, who specializes in lung disorders, was accused of refusing to give up his seat on Sunday's United Express flight UA3411 flight from Chicago to Louisville for the airline's staff.I wrote it a few years ago and have since come to see that there are some problems with it - namely, the following two problems: 1.

It was his wife who alerted authorities to his inappropriate relationship with a patient An official report detailed the findings of medical exams performed on Dr Dao and spelled out concerns over his mental state. Dao "lacked the foundation to navigate difficult situations, both interpersonally and in a complex profession". Gannon noted a need to control, avoidance, withholding information and magical thinking as problematic.' The father of five, who has won sympathy globally over the incident, was given a suspended jail sentence for illegally obtaining and trafficking controlled substances by fraud and deceit.Dr Dao has not yet sued the airline but it is clear that if he did, the documents would likely be used by United in their attempt to defend their actions.But that would only intensify criticism of its treatment of Dr.That version of events is not apparently supported by videos taken by other passengers.The disclosure of what they said to their own staff came after United's CEO, Oscar Munoz, was accused of being 'tone-deaf' for his non-apology to the doctor.