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— June 27, 2013 • The US government bugged the offices of the European Union in New York, Washington, and Brussels.— June 29, 2013 • The US government spies on at least 38 foreign embassies and missions, using a variety of electronic surveillance methods.— July 10, 2013 • Germany's Federal Intelligence Service, BND, helps contribute data to the NSA's XKeyscore program.— July 20, 2013 • NSA analysts, using the XKeyscore program, can search through enormous databases of emails, online chats, and browsing histories of targets.

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— June 27, 2013 • Until 2011, the Obama administration permitted the NSA's continued collection of vast amounts of Americans' email and internet metadata under a Bush-era program called Stellar Wind.Longtime tech industry pundit Tim O'Reilly sat down with Information Week to talk about the future of business, society, and the enterprise.Here's what he says enterprises must do to compete in a changing business environment.— June 13, 2013 • Britain's GCHQ (its intelligence agency) intercepted phone and internet communications of foreign politicians attending two G-20 meetings in London in 2009.— June 16, 2013 • Top-secret procedures show steps the NSA must take to target and collect data from "non-US persons" and how it must minimize data collected on US citizens.