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Needles proposed a different approach towards education, including both studies in the classroom and training in industry that would eventually become the basis of the university's cooperative education program.

While the plan was initially opposed by the Engineering Institute of Canada and other Canadian universities, notably the University of Western Ontario, the Associated Faculties admitted its first students in July 1957.

The park was planned to house many of the high-tech industries in the area, and is supported by the university, the Regional Municipality of Waterloo, the provincial and federal governments, and Canada's Technology Triangle.

Discussions regarding the partnership emerged in 2004, and the Dubai campus was officially opened in September 2009.The university's main campus lies within the city of Waterloo, Ontario.It is bordered by Waterloo Park to the south, Wilfrid Laurier University to the southeast, residential neighbourhoods to the northeast, east and west, and the Laurel Creek Conservation Area to the northwest.Hagey soon became aware of the steps undertaken by Mc Master University to make itself eligible for some provincial funding by establishing Hamilton College as a separate, non-denominational college affiliated with the university.The academic structure of the Associated Faculties was originally focused on co-operative education in the applied sciences – largely built around the proposals of Ira Needles.