Paul walker dating teenager anime love dating game

They were together for a very long time — ages in Hollywood terms — so it must have been morally applicable, yeah?

The ol' "she knew what she was doing" and "age is just a number" excuses.

They had been living together at the time of his death, and Jasmine had been close with his 15-year-old teen daughter, Meadow.

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One's a disgusting predator, sentenced to what he deserves. To be clear, Walker was never caught with child pornography, that's where they differ.

There’s enough mindless rationalization to Walker’s support on various online threads that anyone interested can spend hours diving into the other side of this.

However it’s been clinically proven teenagers aren’t the best when it comes to making judgment calls, which is why we have age restrictions on things like voting, driving, drinking, smoking, watching porn, etc. That's not to suggest teenagers never become involved with any of those, it just shows society knows better of the way humans perceive the world at large in relation to their age.

American lawmakers do the best they can to protect them from themselves — and from those who wish them harm.

Though harm perpetrated by others in authority isn't uncommon and comes in all forms.