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She munches on a huge pickle and goes to see Talia.

Talia tells Xena that Darcon, who is about to arrive, is actually her husband but she doesn't love him anymore. Xena tells her not to run away and insists on helping her fight the evil warlord.

Even though the horse is wild, Gabrielle wants to take it to the nearby town of Spamona to receive proper medical attention.

Upon their arrival, they are greeted by Talia, the town sheriff who is an old friend of Xena's.

Meanwhile, Arman tries to make amends with Amarice, which leads to another fight.

But the two can't escape their attraction for one another and they lock in a passionate kiss.

Gabrielle rushes over to the barn when one of Darcon's men tries to torch it.

The town deputy then informs Talia that the warlord Darcon is on his way to Spamona.

Her friends rush to congratulate her, but Gabrielle becomes concerned when Xena says she doesn't know who the father is.

Joxer is so excited that he almost forgets to tell Xena that Darcon will be in town by sundown and that Talia has disappeared. The warlord and his gang ride into Spamona and Xena is about to fight him, but Talia arrives and insists on fighting her own battle.

It's obvious from the start that the two are attracted to each other and Amarice isn't quite sure how to process these emotions.

But Amarice's affections fade away after she falls into a pile of towels and Arman laughs at her. Later, when Xena goes to see a healer because she just isn't feeling like herself, she is completely shocked to learn that she is pregnant, claiming that it's been a long time since she's had any kind of a love life at all.