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Any business may ask to participate in a restricted procedure, but only those who are pre-selected will be invited to submit a tender.The time limit to request participation is 37 days from the publication of the contract notice.Most contracting authorities can use this procedure only in a limited number of cases, for example for supplies intended exclusively for research or testing purposes.The contracting authorities in sectors such as water, energy, transport or postal services may use it as a standard procedure.For public works contracts they may also include tests, inspection and construction techniques.In an open procedure any business may submit a tender.Public authorities can also award contracts by electronic auction.

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If you have submitted a tender, you have the right to be informed as soon as possible whether or not you have won the contract.

The public authority must invite at least 3 candidates to a dialogue in which the final technical, legal and economic aspects are defined.

After this dialogue candidates submit their final tenders.

The minimum time limit for submission of tenders is 35 days from the publication date of the contract notice.

If a prior information notice was published, this time limit can be reduced to 15 days.