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Alin Marin (left), 22, turned himself into a 'human deposit box' for phones swiped while jostling with revellers in the mosh pit during a Royal Blood concert.

But police were also mingling with the crowd at Arena Birmingham in a covert operation prompted by intelligence that thieves had targeted fans of the band at performances earlier this year.

William Marshall (left, leaving court), 54, from Blurton in Stoke on Trent, claimed disability living allowance (DLA) and employment support allowance (ESA) on the grounds he had crippling arthritis and was working less than 16 hours-a-week.

But Department for Works and Pensions (DWP) investigators caught him on camera (right) carrying heavy poles and wooden planks about on a building site.

Friends of sign language interpreter Ms Davis and her boyfriend, a scientist at University Hospital Birmingham, have expressed their devastation at the couple's death.

Ms Davis's heartbroken sister, Alison Worth, paid tribute to her sister online, saying the couple were travelling home from a 'lovely day and evening out with friends'.

Collins is expected to get a lengthy jail term later today.

Rennie was jailed for 22 months at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court after admitting using a host of invented aliases to carry out a series of stalking and sexual offences, a breach of the data protection act and attempting to pervert the course of justice.If you separated because of outside stresses – their job demanded too much time, they had family issues to sort out, someone close to them died and they lost perspective – it’s worth going back if the situation has now been resolved.Drug dealer Arthur Collins (left, with Mc Cann) squirted an unknown acid across a packed east London nightclub dancefloor, scarring 22 clubbers, during tit-for-tat gang war.Brave Mr Carr removed a mountain of poo roughly 3ft tall from the toilet seat and scrubbed faeces from the walls as well as removing some 200 plastic bottles (inset) from the bath - filled with urine.The tenant had spent months piling the poo on top of the toilet in the first floor one-bed apartment with his hands until it was the size of a toddler.