Sinopsis rule of dating korean movie

The problem is that they are both in long lasting relationships.

Choi is actually engaged to a doctor, while Lee Yoo-Rim dated the same woman for the past six years.

Complex emotional relationships and human nature's darker sides are explored in this captivating suspense drama about a cop whose lust for love threatens to get in the way of his professional life.

Jong-Dae and Yong-Ki make a living by picking up paper and empty bottles.

After all the things that had happened to the characters and the story, then it just made no sense why the woman teacher would do what she did.

And it was just one of the more ridiculous movie endings I have seen in a long, long time."Rules For Dating" was not an impressive directorial debut for Jae-rim Han, whom later has moved on to make far better movies.

After backing out of a scheme to set him up with a Filipino bride, he falls head over heels in love ...

As an avid fan of Asian cinema, I did of course jump at the chance to sit down and watch "Rules For Dating" (aka "Yeonae-ui mokjeok") when I happened to find the DVD movie by sheer luck.And this is hardly a movie that you will watch more than once, because the storyline just doesn't have enough contents to support multiple viewings.Choi (Kang Hye-Jung) begins work as a student-teacher at a high school.This relationship soon starts to turn troublesome for the new teacher and things from the past start resurfacing.The acting in the movie was good enough, but it was just hindered by a wobbly storyline which sent the characters off course.