Rihanna dating chris brown

It busted her lip and when I saw it I was in shock.I was like, 'F--k, why the hell did I hit her like that…' So from there, she spit blood in my face and I was like, 'Yo!"She's struggled to get close to anyone and has developed deep trust issues when it comes to men."Before the beating incident, Brown reportedly had lied to Rihanna about not hooking up with another woman while they were dating.However, as their relationship got serious, he told the Umbrella hitmaker that he had indeed hooked up with the woman."She never wants to be put in that position again, and she still carries pretty deep scars, as much as she tries to act otherwise."While her relationship with the With You hitmaker was difficult, the publicity the assault incident garnered over the years has been tougher to deal with for the songstress."The experience itself was hugely traumatic, but the way it played out so publicly added yet further to the trauma," the source said.

..Lance Savali is working with Chris Brown on the hip hop star's Party tour while traveling the world teaching workshops and brushing shoulders with superstars including Jennifer Lopez, Brandy and Rihanna. released the first poster for Ocean's 8 on Thursday, introducing the eight female master thieves as they prepare to pull off a top-secret heist.Under the tagline, 'every con has its pros,' the sequel to Steven Soderbergh’s Ocean's trilogy stars Sandra Bullock as ringleader Debbie Ocean, the sister of George Clooney's Danny.' I hate it to this day, you know what I am saying; it is going to haunt me forever." For more on this, pick up the latest issue of In Touch — and for more exclusive content sign up for our newsletter!Taylor Swift Gets a Major Victory in Her Sexual Assault Case Naomi Campbell Furious That Rihanna Broke Girl Code and Started Dating Her Ex Now Usually R.