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Today, reports of this condition caused by hot water bottles and laptop computers still occur.Medically the term Erythema ab igne,' or 'Toasted skin syndrome' is used, but the common term for it, in Dundee at any rate, is 'corned beef legs'.She was a 'biscuit packer' when she first got married, then ten years later the census described her as a 'confectioner'. She used to get up at in the morning and walk from the foot of Arklay Street to Courthouse Square where she worked as a cleaner in Telephone House from to , got the tram home, then later in the day went back again from to pm.

With no TV set, furniture would be organised around the fireplace, as the centerpiece of the room, and, in the evening, the family would gather round to read or listen to the radio.

Four years later Lizzie married my grandfather, Frank Ryan.

She had six more children, though two were girl twins who died at birth in 1912.

We were also daring enough to creep in to the henhouse at the farm and enjoy a raw egg.

But guess Gordon and his pals we were nearly always caught.