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While you are perfectly comfortable talking about your job, friends, country or the last vacation you took, when asked a questions, she may mumble something unintelligible and quickly turn the conversation back to you.Smart and well-educated Interestingly though, the laconic attitude of Finns is not due to a problem with the language since most of them speak English quite well.So don’t go hugging or kissing a woman you have just met or you will be put your place with an icy stare and worse never hear from her again.Indeed they stay away from physical contact even with the people they know.Like to keep their distance If you have just landed in the country, remember that Finns are not very demonstrative people.Here people prefer keeping a certain distance to people they are talking with and depending on the situation, a Finnish woman's personal space is from one to two meters, at the very least.

On weekends, after the usual round of entertaining or dancing is over at the restaurant or nightclub, Finns gather at someone's house or apartment and continue drinking and partying; this is known as the "jatkoille" or “continuations".

Also Finland has a long tradition of adult education and by the 1980s nearly one million Finns were receiving some kind of instruction each year.

Apart from evening schools, civic and workers' institutes, study centers and vocational course centers, folk high schools are quite popular in Finland.

Like to have fun Even though Finnish women may appear rather serious and reticent at first, once they get to know you well, you can find them some of the most enthusiastic party lovers you have ever come across.

The singles among them can usually be found thronging nightclubs and restaurants but they also like going out in groups.