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He begs every day to get off the meds and find an answer.

-- he received two stents in a native artery that was originally bypassed because his bypasses closed up. Neither bypass surgery nor stenting/angioplasty actually cure the disease: they can only relieve the immediate problem.

Please help me understand • I had a quad bypass 12 years ago at age 60.

All went well and in 1-1/2 month I walked the Portland Marathon.

He can only lay on one side with out the pain and every doctor I called will not offer any option except pain medicine which is going to ruin his family or kill him. One surgeon stated wow your doctor put you back together in a hurry didn't he..... He desperately needs help but I don't know what to do any suggestions from anyone who has experienced this kind of pain.

Thanks to all and God bless • I had Davinci's robotic heart bypass using the mammary artery.