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My parents had very low income doing what they could to provide for us.

It did not leave much room for any type of preventative dental care.

Sincerely, To whom it may concern, I Piedad would like to thank the OAAG for the grant that was awarded to me. Keep up the good work in helping people in the time of need.

This will help me to get some dental work I needed to get done for a long time. Sincerely, To Whom It May Concern I, Ramon Carazco would like to start off by thanking the Cosmetic Dentistry Grants for giving me the biggest gift of all, a smile.

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Keep up the great work and there will be amny more bright smiles for it.Warmest regards, Dear Oral Aesthetic Advocacy Group I want to take this opportunity to express my grattitude and thank you for selecting my grant application for funding.I was over joyed when I received your memo and I am looking forward to working with your agency and my local dentist to create the smile I have always longed for.So, I can honestly sit here today and I am so grateful that programs like yours exist.Until you guys came along, I couldn't rememberthe last time I said that America was the land of dreams.