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These are original Honeymooners sketches from Cavalcade of Stars and the Jackie Gleason Show. Both libraries are found in the Funny Guys Catalog and the Catalog of Stars.The added episodes are those dated: 2/5/55 2/19/55 3/5/55 4/2/55 10/13/56 10/20/56 11/10/56 12/11/17 - Today I added the remaining twelve available episodes to Season 4 of The Real Mc Coys library.The added episodes are: 12/12/17 - Today I added fifteen episodes to The Danny Kaye Show library.The Danny Kaye Show was an American variety show, hosted by the stage and screen star Danny Kaye.

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The popularity of the sketches led Gleason to rework The Honeymooners as a filmed half-hour series, which debuted October 1, 1955, on CBS, in place of the variety series.This library is a water-shed for yours truely - I was a huge fan of the show, which debuted in 1963, the year I made the trasnsistion from Junior High to High School. This library is located in the The Danny Kaye Catalog, which is available in the Funny Guys, Feature Films Catalogs, and the Catalog of Stars.The added episodes are all of them on the 2nd library page.The Real Mc Coys revolves around the lives of a family from the Appalachian Mountains who originally hailed from fictional Smokey Corners, West Virginia.The Mc Coys moved to California and became dirt farmers.