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You can chat with our online users by visiting our main chat room. Other chat members near Saudi Arabia To chat with other Chat Hour members who live near Saudi Arabia, you can use the following links to browse our chatters.Click a link and chat with someone living near Saudi Arabia now.Leiter: Dieter Haller (auerordentlicher und bevollmchtigter Botschafter). Konsularische Amtsbezirke: Provinzen Dschauf, Qurayyat, Quasim, al-Mintaqa al-Scharqiya (Ostprovinz), Hail, al-Hudud al-Schamaliya (Nordgrenze), Riad.Deutsches Generalkonsulat, Jeddah Anschrift / Beschreibung Generalkonsulat der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Building No.In ancient times the Arabian peninsula served as a corridor for trade and exhibited several civilizations.The history before the foundation of Saudi Arabia divided into two phases: pre-Islam and after Islam.

انضم لغرف الدردشة على الانترنت السعودية جزيره العرب في التمتع دردشة حرة نظيفة مع الشعب السعودي.Saudi Arabia has since been an absolute monarchy, effectively a hereditary dictatorship governed along Islamic lines.Saudi Arabia is sometimes called "the Land of the Two Holy Mosques" in reference to Al-Masjid al-Haram (in Mecca) and Al-Masjid an-Nabawi (in Medina), the two holiest places in Islam.The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was founded in 1932 by Ibn Saud.He united the four regions into a single state through a series of conquests beginning in 1902 with the capture of Riyadh, the ancestral home of his family, the House of Saud.