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Seeking said it is most popular in Los Angeles and New York.

The average rent in both areas is well over ,000 a month, according to Zillow research.

But the male-female “sugar daddy” dynamic makes up the bulk of its business.

It’s difficult to pin down exactly how many students are involved in such situations, because they are private transactions. Seeking says student users on the site jumped from 79,400 worldwide in 2010 to 1.9 million this year and students make up one-third of its users.

But still she struggled to pay her rent and utilities, and her grades suffered.“That’s just not why I am here,” she said.The Columbia student says she plans to continue “sugaring” after she graduates to buy herself time to find a more traditional job and remain officially unemployed so she can defer repaying the roughly ,000 in loans she had already racked up.“There is a lot of moral panic about it,” she said.“But what are the real estate and academic funding situations that led to this?“You could argue it is just making the market more efficient.”Kashani says she sifted through many potential suitors before finding one she clicked with.She says she considers her sugar daddy one of her best friends and that they care deeply for each other.“The people who have a stigma, or associate a negative connotation with it, don’t understand how it works,” she says. undergraduate students last year finished school with an average of ,000 in student debt — a figure that has risen steadily every year, according to Mark Kantrowitz, a financial aid expert.