Online dating emails before meeting

By the time you’ve been emailing four or five (or nine) times, you’ve developed an image of the recipient that usually won’t match up in real life.If an email exchange goes on too long, your sweet anticipation can quickly turn into disappointment upon meeting.thus, sometimes one person may need to accomodate the other (hmmm ... If one person is "too pushy" for the other person's comfort level ... I always say the best way to get to know someone - or to see what you may get - is to go to POF events and meet and greets - that way you are not obligated in a date to proceed or to deject anyone.They then become like anyone else in the room - just someone you meet in passing.But for those who have a special timeline that they have to follow before they meet someone, pfffffffft...would you feel if you had an instant click with a person and he/she wanted to wait a while before meeting? If there is a specific reason why that person can't meet with me asap, then I can accept that (away, ill, family emerg, working)..if it is some lame excuse like wanting to get to know me on line first, then bye bye...can't get to know a person for real on line. Meeting a person in a coffee shop or in a pubic area is no different! After 2 months and 27 emails later I thought I knew this woman.

My preference is for a few emails, exchange numbers and go from there to a phone call or two. And, conversely - sometimes ya just know when it's right ... Well, she blabbered loudly on her cell phone most of dinner (so bad that the couple at the next table politely asked her to keep it down), rude to the waitresses, bad BO, endless drama....! Had to go back to the restaurant the next day to apologise.

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I started this thread sometime ago but it was deleted before I could read all the responses. Am I the only one who dislikes the "never-ending back-and-forth" emailing thing?

I think the more serious the person the more time they spend looking and feeling someone out--not just running out and meeting every Tom****and Harry on here. If they don't understand situation not worth meeting.

But it doesn't work well--by the time I get to half know them others are running out and meeting them after barely speaking--jumping in feet first with someone they don't know..I still believe it's the way to go--I have more faith in someone that puts a little more thought to their decisions. One email, possibly 2 then go have a drink / coffee somewhere. I have never met someone in life and had to bump into them 4-6 times before asking them for a drink, or coffee..whatever.

Online dating emails before meeting