Radioactive carbon dating worksheet

B.3 Distinguish between a scientific theory and the term “theory” used in general conversation NS.10.

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Modeling Photosynthesis & Respiration Molecules CO2 Use in Elodea Photosynthetic Production of Starch Quizzes: Photosynthesis Quiz MC.3.

B.5 Formulate valid conclusions without bias NS.11.

B.6 Communicate experimental results using appropriate reports, figures, and tables NS.12.

B.8 Describe the main events in the cell cycle (mitosis, interphase, & cytokinesis), including the differences in plant and animal cell division. B.9 List in order and describe the stages of mitosis (prophase, metaphase, anaphase, & telophase). B.10 Analyze the meiotic maintenance of a constant chromosome number from one generation to the next. B.8 Compare and contrast life cycles (sexual & asexual) of familiar organisms. B.4 Examine different modes of inheritance such as crossing over.

Daily Openers: Openers Power Points: Cell Reproduction Cell Reproduction ppt Q’s Mitosis & Meiosis Mitosis & Meiosis ppt Q’s Meiosis Meiosis ppt Q’s Worksheets: Cell Division Cell Cycle & Mitosis Coloring Cell Reproduction Vocabulary Cell Reproduction puzzle Cell Reproduction Review Concept Map Cell Division Games: Cell Division Jeopardy Mitosis & Meiosis Jeopardy Lab: Stages of Mitosis (onion root tip) Lab Mitosis Flip Book Mitosis Flip Book Flipbook Cell Templates Meiosis Flip Book Quizzes: Cell Reproduction Quiz HE.4.