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Freaked out and annoyed, Akane and Ryoga promptly beat Ranma up, douse her in hot water, and boot him out through the curtains, with Ryoga's tanuki statue going along for added weight.Grumbling to herself about what an obnoxious pest Ranma can be, Akane gently encourages Ryoga to not let Ranma's antics get to him, almost flirtatiously telling Ryoga that he's much more mature than his rival.Ranma, on the other hand, is nonchalant, assuring Akane it will all blow over soon.Hiroshi and Daisuke mob Ranma, making lecherous comments that prompt an angry bark from the heir to the Saotome School.And that is when Ukyo makes her presence known, having managed to successfully track him down.She winningly promises that she's on his side, not an enemy, and introduces herself; Ryoga can only respond to her declaration of being "Ranma's cute fiancee" by dryly noting that he can see why Ranma has kept her a secret.Ranma loses track of Ryoga, but runs into Ukyo, who is all too eager to tell him some special news; she has set Ryoga up on a date with Akane.At this, Ranma scoffs that it will work, Ukyo wondering nervously why he seems so sure, as Ranma goes on to mimic Akane's likely reaction, which he claims will be wondering what sort of dress she can wear and hoping her work out doesn't make her too sweaty.

As a result, Akane takes note of the letter "to Akane, from Ukyo" on the box and leaps to the assumption that it's a challenge.Ukyo asks if he's really so sure of that and offers to set him up on a date with her.At that, Ryoga gets overwrought, nervously twiddling his fingers and babbling about how serious such a move is until Ukyo snaps at him, asking if he wants to date Akane or not.This doesn't phase him - when Ranma throws Ryoga's tanuki statue at him, causing his head to smash into the tree hard enough to crater it, that's another story.Ranma's moment of smug triumph barely lasts a heartbeat before an embarrassed Ukyo dents her spatula over his head, flusteredly pointing out that he didn't need to flash her breasts to the whole school to beat him.