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He cites Gay Talese, the American author, who wrote: "It is very vulnerable even when made of stone, and the museums of the world are filled with Herculean figures brandishing penises that are chipped, clipped or completely chopped off."Moote blames inner fragility on a new prudishness in the school changing room, which limits the exposure to other penises of many boys to images on computer screens or their imaginations.

“It was horrible and extra confusing growing up because I didn’t know if what people were saying was even true,” he says.

Moote, meanwhile, says that he still wonders if making a film about his penis was sensible, but is happier now.

A Florida medical examiner has called into question the account of a murder suspect claiming to have accidentally choked his girlfriend during oral sex, telling the court he has never come across such a case before.

Yet guys with below-average penises are often better in bed because they perfect other techniques.

Men with large penises are the ones we should run a mile from.”We may never know the truth about Clifford, and that's a good thing.

He plays it for laughs, drinking turtle-testicle liqueur and meeting a porn star called Dale Da Bone, but the film becomes a broader examination of modern male anxiety.

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It’s still a symbol of manhood we cling to, and we still associate bigger with being a better man.His crimes must not be trivialised, but what does the coverage of his trial, as well as Moote's documentary, reveal about society's obsession with size?Assessments of Clifford's penis were presented as evidence at Southwark Crown Court, eliciting sniggers from jurors and journalists. The defence attempted to claim these memories were false – proof that the women were lying. A urologist confirms as much in his film, Unhung Hero, classifying the 30-year-old as "low normal"."You start with the fact that men like to measure everything, which ultimately derives from the competitive struggle to be top dog," he says."We are the mensuration not menstruation sex." There are also evolutionary theories about penis size.