Red orchid dating

These tall flowers, which originally came from Japan and China, look great when planted in borders, flower beds or containers and used to naturalize areas.

Their height makes them a great addition to cut flower arrangements.

New bulbs develop quickly and to keep them flowering and growing well, it's best to divide the bulbs every few years.

It's best to wait to do this chore when the bulbs go into dormancy during the summer months.

Try planting bulbs in both sunny and shady areas to stagger the amount of plants blooming throughout the month.

The lily grows in a wide range of soil types that drain well, but perform best in organically rich soils that retain moisture but aren't prone to sogginess.

For several weeks the plant has no foliage until it's time for the flowers to reemerge from the soil and start the blooming process all over again. Instead, you'll be planting bulbs, with the optimal time to plant usually being spring, although you can plant the bulbs during the summer months. Red spider lilies grow well in sites located in partial shade to full sun.

The plant holds the leaves throughout the rest of the year until summer when they too die.

If you're looking for a fast-growing, late bloomer that provides color to your yard in the fall, consider adding the red spider lily to your backyard landscape.

This colorful flower is easy to grow in most conditions, so if you have an area that is difficult to plant due to poor soil, this may be just what you are looking for.

When the plants are in full bloom, you should increase the watering to each day or every other day to extend the life of the blooms, especially if your weather conditions are hot and dry.

During summer when the lily goes dormant, decrease watering all together until the flower stalk emerges.