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I've definitely had a really nice long career of steady work because of the horror franchise." Having taken over from Tamara Feldman as Marybeth Dunstan for Hatchet II, it was like witnessing a new Doctor Who rebirth!

What did Adam [Green] say to you about the undertaking of a role previously owned by another?

"Well, I had actually auditioned for the original 'Hatchet' before I knew who Adam Green was and before we became friends. And so I auditioned amongst probably 100 other girls. And that was before I'd really come back in the 'Halloween' franchise.

So I hadn't been in the horror world for quite some time, but in his mind I was still an iconic actor." "But back then I think his concern was that there were already too many horror icons in 'Hatchet' to begin with.

It was a big undertaking, but something I knew fans had been kinda waiting for it for a while. So it was just the timing was perfect." I watched all the Hatchets back-to-back-to-back and love how they all pick up immediately after the end of each other. I just couldn't keep, flat iron on set or not, it down.

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Just to make it a little more realistic." "So I did not get cast which left me pretty bummed out, but whatever. I get around one of every forty auditions that I go on so it was par for the course.And so a few weeks pass and you're like ok, I'm cool for like a little bit. " "And it's sugar and corn syrup and so when I would strip out of my clothes that were glued to my body at the end of the night in my hotel room I would also have 100 bugs or so dead and stuck to me! "Yeah, later on I'm standing handcuffed and with an urn which means I can't actually swat them away from trying to attack my face. You just can't get away from them, because it rains and you're by the water and they just want to eat you, no ifs or buts," she laughs. I just did a really amazing spread for this really awesome magazine called Ink that I'm a huge fan of.It's actually nice to take a bit of a break and kinda recharge and reboot and do other things and come back. I had 50, 60, 70 mosquito bites on me at any given time. Talking of but(t)s, your shower scene was made all the more interesting as it revealed (nearly) the full extent of your back/hip/leg tattoo! I love body art, I always have, but I've never been really able to have it be that big." Why not?And this is what it is, there's no negotiating and it's a take it or leave it kinda thing. So it was really nice to be listed first above the title and to carry a movie.Because it was a great opportunity for me to show how I'd grown as an actor and as a woman, in general. Well, maybe it was a tad longer by about an inch, but that damn humidity man.