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Eight and a bit minutes of incendiary guitars, synthesisers, drums and vocals combining to provide one of the most euphoric rock songs of all time.

Written in minutes and with a riff born out of a guitar warm up exercise, this song most definitely had inauspicious beginnings.

The route would link the surburban railway network from Wimbledon to Tottenham Hale via a new tunnel under the city’s centre.

Supporters say the new link would give London’s economy a multi-billion-pound boost and support 200,000 new homes as well as 200,000 new jobs.

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Emerging from an event so catastrophic that it would have destroyed lesser bands, AC/DC's highest placing song in this poll is the greatest tribute they could have paid to their former singer, Bon Scott - celebratory, wild and a killer riff that never gets old The closest thing to a pop song that Zeppelin ever did - three and a half minutes of raw rock fire-power which does exactly what it says on the tin.

She sat and calmly listened to his footsteps upstairs in the bedroom as he packed his bag. ’A few of her divorced and single friends had talked about meeting men on Tinder — a mobile phone dating app with 50 million users globally. Presented with someone’s profile on their screens, users are asked to swipe left for ‘no’ and right for ‘yes’ if they like the look of them.

Fifty-three-year-old travel agent Claire Morton's husband left her after 24 years Though shocked and hurt, the mother of three from Colchester, Essex, admitted she was excited about being single and joined dating app Tinder‘Bye then,’ she said, as he walked out of the door and out of her life Though shocked and hurt, Claire, a 53-year-old travel agent from Colchester, Essex, admits part of her was excited at the thought of being single again.

When you consider that this song is made up of a simple riff repeated many times over, a pretty non-existent chorus and a drum solo which lasts for half the song, it really is spectacularly brilliant.

The Who's defining moment closed their greatest album.