Squat racks intimidating

Planet Fitness, based in Dover, New Hampshire, is one of the fastest growing fitness chains in the country, with new locations sprouting up every day.In 2006, Planet Fitness acquired Joe Golds (of Golds Gymfame) World Gym franchise, which certainly jumpstarted their recent expansion.In 2006, the New York Times picked up on the story of Albert Argibay, a bodybuilder and corrections officer, who had his membership yanked for grunting during a particularly heavy set of squats.Management called the police, he was escorted from the gym, and he filed suit against Planet Fitness for defamation.However, the Lunk Alarm is ever-present at any Planet Fitness franchise, looming over the gym like a great big purple reminder that if you stray to far from the Planet Fitness philosophy, youll be instantly called-out and maybe kicked-out.

Two years ago, the owner converted it to a Planet Fitness.There are probably more subtle ways to weed out impolite behaviors in the gym (like maybe just taking someone aside and suggesting that they take it down a notch), but this level of subtlety doesnt have as much mass marketing appeal as a big purple light.The Lunk Alarm and the Planet Fitness practice of revoking memberships of people who violate the gyms code of behavior hasnt come without its share of controversy.Your lack of dates will probably help you learn that faster than a Planet Fitness staffer or an alarm on the wall.Its this controversial Lunk Alarm that has gotten the gym most of its attention, both favorable and not-so-favorable.